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ROD1313 - Dark Clouds


Dark Clouds is the new EP by guitarist Miguel Rodrigues, under the name Rod1313.

This is an introspective instrumental EP, consisting of six songs: Witness, Nothing Left, Reflection, A Storm is Coming, Dark Clouds and The Awakening, guitar oriented, combining a wide variety of elements such as Hard Rock, Metal and Prog, with modern approach and with excellent production. 

The songs "Witness" and "Dark Clouds" are based on heavy riffs with great melodies and several rhythm changes and prog elements (specially "Dark Clouds"), being "A Storm is Coming" an acoustic intro to "Dark Clouds".

Nothing Left, takes us through the most melodic paths of Hard Rock and Aor.

Reflection has a more Hard Rock approach with some prog elements.

Closing the album we have "The Awakening", with special guest Luis Justino, ex-Império dos Sentados, playing his keyboards, with beautiful melodies radio oriented.

In short we can say that this EP combine heavy riffs with dark ambient rock and sometimes some prog elements and, of course, excellent guitar solos, being a worthy successor to the previous EP, Gravity.

Will be released on March 5th

You can find it at:

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